Okay is Good!

Okay is Good!

You are all settled into bed for the night after a long day. Your muscles hurt. Your eyes are drained. There’s wine in the kitchen yet you’re not certain on the off chance that you need it today.

You recalled about today. Today was an okay day. You didn’t do anything interesting today but you saw the sunrise. After ages. May be for the first time, for real. The sunlight was warm against your skin.

You wore a dress you purchased few days back, despite the fact that no one would see it. You have no one to impress. You smiled. You danced on the some old horrible bollywood songs. You felt comfortable.

You worked on some projects you’re really excited about. You looked for new and improved jobs in better cities of the country. And right now, a bird is chirping outside your window.

Today you finally spent an entire day with yourself which you were trying to avoid. Because being alone involves a lot of thinking. Thinking about people and places you are no more in sync with.

A song you have never heard before is being played on the radio. And you can’t help it. And you look back. Because today was an okay day. May be even a good day. And you realize something. Today has been one in the string of okay days. The good ones are outweighing the bad ones. And that feels a lot like seeing the sun all over again.






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